Sunday, September 21, 2008

Updating the PJF website

As I mentioned in the PJF Newsletter sent out last week, I want your feedback on how to improve

For starters I'm still using the same html from 2001 when the site became Phil's "official" website. And I don't think the html changed much then from the original "unofficial" site I started in 1996. So the website needs to look and feel "updated." Phil Farmer's grandson Torin has volunteered to help with this.

Can you point to features, designs, styles, gadgets or other bells & whistles on other websites you think we should adopt?

I also need to redo most of the descriptions of the books, stories, articles, etc. But is there any other "content" you feel should be added to the site?

Hoping for a lot of feedback here.


Win Scott Eckert said...

Mike, not feedback, but I love the new banner for your blog!

Mike said...

Thanks Win. The graphics for that are what I used to make this t-shirt ( several years ago. Eventually I will get around to adding some newer titles to the end of the shelf.